Carmela Clutch Biography

Carmela Clutch Biography

Carmela Clutch is an American AV actress and AV model. Carmela made her screen debut in 2019 at the age of 30. She has worked in more than 100 movies so far.

Carmella Clutch was born in 5th August 1988 in New York. But a few years after birth, her family moved to Miami City. She did her school and college education in Miami. She was very shy, and very much a bookworm and very studious.

Carmella’s parents made sure that she was very, very, very much on top of things and also very creative too. She used to love the dramatic arts like theatre and music and poetry. As such, her school activities usually revolved around those.

She have a degree in marketing and advertising and a minor in psychology and sociology. She is a very curious person. Even after working in marketing for a while, she went back to school for pre-med with the intent of being a physician’s assistant.

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