Roxie Sinner Biography

Roxie Sinner Biography

Roxie Sinner is an Syrian born American AV movie actress who rose to fame after, she started posting her photographs on social media in 2018 and started her own account on the website OnlyFans in 2019. A career in full time AV movie actress followed soon thereafter.

Roxie Sinner was born on December 20, 2000, in Damascus, Syria. Her father was working in the Syrian military and her mother was a housewife. She was one of the very few Christian people in a Muslim dominated country. She always found it very difficult to make friends in school because she belonged to the Christian religion.

As you know, war has been going on in Syria for the last several decades, so it is very difficult for people to live a normal life.

Roxie’s maternal grandparents left Syria and settled in America many years ago. Her elder uncle is well settled in United States and owns multiple liquor stores and he was bringing in the family members from syria and employing them in his businesses. So with the help of her uncle, her family decided to shift to United States.

She had to leave without her dad because he was in the military and they weren’t letting people leave the military. They couldn’t afford to let people leave the military. Her family had to drive out of Syria and fly out of Lebanon. Her family flew to Jordan and had to wait about a month to finalize coming over to United States and took a long flight to New York and then to California. It was 24th January of 2014, Roxie got out of the airport and for the first time to step foot in America.

It was very painful for the family to leave his father in the middle of the war in Syria. So, when her family got in United States, her mom had to work. The first 3 years, her mom had to work hard with her uncle and she had to save up. It was around 3 million Syrian money to buy her dad out of the military and her mom brought him over a year after.

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