Sofia Rose Biography

Sofia Rose Biography

Sofia Rose is well known actress and besides that, she is a plus-size model also. She likes to does work in the AV industry. Her ethnicity is Latin. She becomes a brand ambassador for ePlay on 13th November 2020 according to AVN Media.

Sofia Rose was born on July 24, 1975 in Southern California, USA is an American BBW model and Adult star known for her strikingly beautiful features as well as her voluptuous figure. Now she turns 47 years as of 2023. 

She was the only girl in the family of boys, so her brothers and her father treated her like a princess. Sofia is of Native American, Mexican, Portuguese, Spanish, Irish and Italian ancestry, and that’s probably why she looks so exotic. She started modeling at the age of 4. After a long break, she made a comeback at the age of 14, but by then she was already too “developed” for fashion modeling. She explained that by the age of 15 her breasts were already 36DD. That was basically the end of her mainstream modeling career. At the time her measurements were 36DD-24-36, and she was weighing 105 lbs. (48 kg). 

Currently, her measurements are 38JJ-40-52, she’s 5 ft. 7 in (170 cm) tall and she weighs around 252 lbs. (114 kg). She’s a brunette, and she has tattoos under her huge tits and on her lower back.

Sofia Rose build her career in this Adult industry and now she became a successful actress. Sofia Rose’s full name is Sofia Rose and her nickname is Sofi, nationality is American and her zodiac sign is Leo.

Sofia Rose is well known published model, Latina performer, pioneering BBW adult star, and solo artist who earns lots of her fan following since 2006.

Sofia Rose was born in Southern California. She comes from a mixed ethnic background which contributes to her unique and interesting features, olive skin and brown eyes. In Sofia’s own words, she is “Mexican, Spanish, Irish, and Native American with a dash of Italian and Portuguese.” Her father was a first-generation Mexican-American. On her mother’s side of the family, her American roots go back to the 1700s, and include a signer of the Declaration of Independence. From Texas, her family moved to California in the early 1900s. She grew up in a male-rich environment, with several brothers, and she says she was a daddy’s girl. Sofia is is a sports fan. Her team loyalties show her bi-costal personality, as she is a fan of both the L.A. Lakers and Angels, and the Boston Celtics and Red Sox. Sofia grew up close to Mexican culture, but does not speak Spanish. Her Latina background is reflected in her love of Mexican food and margaritas. Though she enjoys all kinds of food, she emphasizes, “I’ll never turn down a taco!”

Sofia’s mother was a model under the name Lydia Rose. Offered a job as one of MTV’s first VJs, she turned the job down for her family, to raise Sofia and her brothers. Sofia Rose’s own stage name is a tribute to both her mother, and Sophia Loren, whom she cites as “one of my greatest all time favorite idols.” Besides her own resemblance to the great Italian actress, Sofia notes that her grandmother’s features were remarkably similar to Loren’s. Other figures that Sofia admires include Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, Raquel Welch, and Cindy Crawford.


Red roses and an intricate lace/beading design across her upper left arm, script along the outside of her left forearm, a detailed design underneath her breasts and a scorpion inside a turtle in the centre of her lower back

Sofia Rose Education

Sofia Rose never talks about her school or college-related information in front of the media, so currently we haven’t any updated information about her education.

Personal Life & Measurement After Birth To A Baby

Sofia Rose kept natural boobs and her body type as of BBW category. She is youngest in her family so her father treated her as Princess. Sofia kept lots of native she is American, Mexican, Her mother Spanish, and also belonged to Irish and Italian Heritage, due to all these native mix up she looks so extraordinary.

She started her displaying since her childhood age 4 years. She clarified that by the age of 15 her breast measurement were 36DD-24-36, and she was weighing 105 lbs. (48 kg).

But after pregnancy she gained more overweight and other body measurements also affected.

Now Sofia Rose body measurement is 38JJ-40-54, Her cup size is 38JJ, her waist is 40 inches and her hip size is 54 inches. She looks gorgeous with Brunette hair color and brown eye color. Weight is approx. 113 kg (250 lbs.) and height approx. 5 feet 5 inches ( 1.65 m). Her current location is Las Vegas.

Her boobs are natural, never wore any kind of silicon fake boobs.

Sofia is a brunette, and she has lots of tattoos out of which one is under her tits and other is on her lower back.

Early modeling career and BBW status

Sofia’s modeling career began at the age of four when her mother started Sofia’s portfolio work. By 1989, when she returned to the profession at the age of 14, Sofia’s bust had already become prominent enough to be a hindrance for a career in fashion modeling. “I started to develop at a young age,” Sofia explains, “By 15 I was a 36DD and only 110 lbs.” Her prodigious development, coupled with her ethnic features– ironically two of the assets which have made her a successful model today– were considered problems at that time, and Sofia’s modeling career was again retired.

Sofia reports that it was not until after she became a mother that her already impressive figure attained its current substantial dimensions. She was a thin 36DD-24-36, weighing a mere 105 lbs. before pregnancy, and went up to 143 lbs. at full term. Immediately post-pregnancy, her weight was back to 120 lbs., but Sofia notes, “my boobs were huge.” In the aftermath of pregnancy, her measurements reached their current 52-40-52″, and her weight went up to 240 lbs. Her bust size had increased to a spectacular 52″ 38-JJ cup.

In spite of her past experience in the industry, Sofia was not one to envy the stereotypical anorexic figure of the fashion model world. She states, “I’m happy with my body as a BBW only because 100 lbs women are a dime a dozen, and they all have HUGE fake boobs these days anyway. I feel like I have something more to offer in the BBW community, which is why I choose to stay at higher but healthier weight.

Modeling career and men

Sofia’s primary career is in corporate America, where she has worked for top executives of Fortune 500 companies. When she divorced in 2005, Sofia decided to resurrect her modeling career, setting her sights on the BBW market, particularly as she offered the genre something special in her more exotic looks. Sofia says she had “new ideas and goals for myself,” but that she also set set limits. “I am a mom so I try to keep things at a respectable level.

About her modeling career, Sofia recalls, “I simply started doing this because men’s always looking at my boobs anyway, I figured I should start making money at it and build a name for myself.” She has a combination of attributes which attract men of many different preferences. She observes, “if he’s a boob man… well that’s obvious. If he’s an ass man, or maybe he’s about dark hair, or Latin women, nice lips, or sexy eyes, or thick thighs, I cover many, I think. So a guy who maybe doesn’t typically seek out chubby women or BBWs manages to see me and gives me a second look.”

Perhaps even underestimating her own attractiveness, Sofia muses, “I’ve been hit on in unusual places at unexpected times, like the library in my T-shirt, pants, glasses, and flip flops, no makeup. What he found attractive I don’t have a clue. I felt my simplest and probably was at my least attractive point, but that didn’t stop him from trying.”

In turn, Sofia enjoys many types of men, of different sizes. She has dated men as tall as 6’10”, and her ex-husband is 5’9″. She places a high value on open-mindedness, diversity and honesty. She says, “I hate it when someone says they are open minded but then think their way of thinking is the only way of thinking.” She has observed that her least satisfactory relationships have been with men who are interested only in her size.

First steps in modeling

Sofia’s new venture into modeling began with her Myspace page in late 2005. Through this, she created an audience who were eager to see her begin appearing in more professional venues. Sofia was featured in the fifth issue of BODacious Magazine, their Fall 2006 release. Founded that year, BODacious aims to be “the first magazine of its kind depicting BBW (Big Beautiful Women) in a light so similar to the mainstream magazines.” Sofia’s ex-husband called to congratulate her on this career achievement. “You did exactly what you said you would do. That’s so good for you.” The magazine paired Sofia with Ms. Dawn P. aka Dawn Perignon in a celebratory bubble bath for the cover of their second anniversary issue.

At this early point in her career, Sofia was also a featured model at JuggMaster, and part of the cast of that site’s Rack Pack DVD-R Volume 1. Of her sudden popularity, Sofia notes, “I think the industry was ready for a something a little unique and exotic, something that you don’t see everyday… so it was great timing, and I just blew up.”

Sofia competed in the 2006 Model Search, Online People’s Choice Award at Sofia was the winner of four rounds: The Preliminary Round 1, Round 2 (“Come As You Are!”), Round 5 (“Social Dystortion “), and Round 8, the “Beach Beauties” competition. In conjunction with the competition, Sofia graced the cover of On the Plush Side magazine’s March 2007 issue. With over 7,000 votes, the decision of the final, deciding round of the competition was to be announced in April 2007, but apparently not posted. Sofia, however, won the competition.

It was late in 2006, when Boobpedia was just a new site with about 30 articles, that Sofia became one of our site’s first interviews. Site founder Hexvoodoo contacted Sofia and helped her to set up her own article. Praising her “gorgeous shape and… perfectly bountiful bust”, featured Sofia, announcing that her bust was “[s]o bountiful in fact that I don’t think I’ve seen one quite like it in 4 years of photography.”

Online activities and Video

Sofia’s first personal site, www.sofiatherose.comwas launched in February 2007. Sofia appeared in a music video for the San Diego, California band, Slightly Stoopid. Founded in 1995, the group’s fifth studio album, Chronchitis was released on August 7, 2007. faulted the song as being “somewhat flat,” but noted the song’s “interesting horn and synth work.” Since Sofia points out that the video was never officially released, punknews’s complaint about the song’s flatness obviously had nothing to do with Sofia. Sofia’s appearance in the Mad Juana music video, Valhalla, has been released, and can be seen at YouTube.

By 2007 Sofia had gained an international fan base. In Japan, the work of artist Namio Harukawa, and such recent video series as Pocha Pocha Princess Pretty indicate a relatively new, but devoted audience for large women. The fetish studio IZM, which has its own cast of Japanese BBWs, is the largest producer of adult videos in which large, powerful women dominate much smaller men who average 155cm (5’1″) in height.[23] IZM contacted Sofia to appear in a video in the summer of 2007. Though she had never planned to star in videos, because of the Japanese custom of filming simulated s*x and pixeling out the “working parts” (as Donald Richie terms them) Sofia agreed to the filming. Entitled Muchimuchi! Huge-Tit Dynamite 2: Sofia (むちむち!超乳ダイナマイト 2 ソフィア – Muchimuchi! Chonyuu dynamite 2 Sofia), the video was released in Japan on November 29, 2007.

Though she has no plans to appear in further videos, she recalls this experience as a positive one. The Japanese crew met Sofia in Los Angeles, and treated her with the respect and admiration worthy of a major star. “It was great. They were all very nice and catered to me well… I was flattered and just tried to the best I could for them.” The only negative aspect of the video was the impression that many U.S. fans have that it was hardcore. Sofia explains, “I never had sex on film, that’s why the video is pixelated. The only thing real was the titty f*ck, and even then, no one “got off” lol… It’s only sold in Japan but of course in this day you can get anything from anywhere. The U.S. market does think it’s hardcore. I understand the misconception, and men are paying 70 American dollars for what they think they are getting, and they so aren’t getting it. I feel bad for them I’m not laughing at all.

Despite her success within the BBW and busty genres and her enthusiastic fan base, Sofia remains selective about appearances. She set personal limitations before embarking on her modeling career, and has stuck to those. Also, she reasons, “I have had many many offers but I don’t want to risk over-exposure. I believe I have a unique look, I don’t want to be everywhere every one else is in my community.”

She appeared on BBW Adult Radio’s midnight Drew and Mare Show as their interview guest on May 7, 2008. Sofia was scheduled to talk about her career and size acceptance, as well as to announce a contest which was to be held on her website. During the show, the contest was revealed to be a date with Sofia for the winning new member who joined her site during a set time-period. The audience was also invited to join Sofia during the show by cam chatroom. Sofia enjoyed the experience and has plans to appear on the show again.

Sofia was also seen as the featured belly dancer in the independent film SIN from Cult Films studio. Sofia is unaware of the release status of the film, but it is surely a role she amply filled.

Sofia’s current life 

Sofia relocated from Southern California to Boston in early 2009. She says she will always be a California girl, and call California home, but that she loves New England. Currently Sofia is living in Las Vegas, Nevada according to her Twitter account. According to her Only Fans account she is also a Currency Trader.

Her fans can subscribe her only fans account for private video, photos and even chances to chat one-on-one for a price. Also her fan can follow her Instagram & Twitter account for latest updates. 

At this time, Sofia has no plans to pursue a career in video, but she points out that online video will be available exclusively at her new website. She has chosen one male model with whom she will continue her face-sitting and domination modeling. Of these activities, Sofia comments, “I think to be a true dom, you can overpower any man, any size, and I have. It’s not about his size, it’s about bringing them to the ultimate weakness and forcing them to submit to their own desires… even if they don’t know it is what they want yet. I like the idea of man who is strong enough to “handle” me, yet I’m able to completely disable him with my playful flirty personality.”

Sofia hopes to recruit new guest models to her new site, and to start up more sites of her own. She plans to use her own experience in front of the camera to do some behind-the-camera work, though she has no intention of stopping modeling herself. She enjoys modeling work, and says, “I love getting in front of the camera for glamour or erotic modeling.” As of early 2013, Sofia has ventured into XXX modeling, and appears at Score and Plumperpass sites.

Sofia had relaunched her website under a new domain name, in 2016

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